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Photography and Traveling, goes hands in hands. The team at TALHA GHOURI PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL plans Professional Photo Excursions to remote localities in the country,ranging from a Photography Trip to MAKLI Ruins to Astro Photography Trip to NAGARPARKAR.

We go to a 2 days and 1 nights Astrophotography Excursion trip to Hingol National Park, Balochistan. The tour starts with breakfast at WINDER and then a refreshing dip at ever so beautiful Kund Malir Beach with clean clear Arabian Sea making waves at the beach. We camp at the guest houses on the beach, spend the night shooting the stars and heavens.

The second morning starts with breakfast on the beach and sigh seeing at Buzzi Pass, Princess of Hope, and on the way back, a short stop at Hinglaaj Mandir is a treat.

Have a look at the images below to get an idea how amazing the whole experience is.

Dates : 8th Dec  -  9th Dec 2018

Timings : 8th Dec 10:00am -  9th Dec 9:00pm

Fees : Rs.4,500/- only 

Registration :  For More info, Click here to Register //  Call on this number 0300-2416014

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