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TALHA GHOURI PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM MAKING SCHOOL boasts the best Photography & Videography Training Facility in Karachi, with a fully equipped Photo Video Studio with state of the art lighting systems and photography equipment. Combine that with the instructor Mohammad Talha Ghouri himself, with his 7yrs of photography training experience, we feel pride for being The Best Photo Video School in Pakistan. Our quad-yearly, Photography and Film Making Diploma Programs with a thoroughly planned course outline is pretty intense and hands on, which guarantees we will make one amazing photographer out of you.

TGPS endeavours to provide best quality education and professional training to apprentices who, on completion of their photography program gain skills and confidence and are able to exhibit outstanding knowledge through unsurpassed pragmatic learning opportunities:.

The diploma programs are comprehended according to every individual’s preference and aptitude. They are assisted with diverse needs and aspects of modern photography and film making for their continuous professional and personal growth. In order to help students achieve excellence in their work, formal advanced field training and other services are also provided.

TGPS provides students with full-furnished and well-equipped school as a professional platform to research and develop their skills which encompasses all aspects of photography and film making.

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