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Professional Photography Studio Rental //  on Hourly and/or Per Day Basis

We are proud to offer a Premium, one of it's kind facility for Karachi Photographers.

A very well equipped Photography Studio Floor on Daily/Hourly basis

Facilities and Equipment You Get With The Studio:

  • Variety of Paper Backdrops (inquire about available colors)

  • 1,000 square feet Studio floor to accommodate the whole shooting team

  • Attached Kitchen, bathroom, and changing area

  • Ample Air-Conditioning

  • Makeup desk

  • 4nos. 400watts Godox QS400ii Studio Strobes

  • 2nos. 60w Cool/Warm Continuous Lights for Video

  • 2nos. 60cm x 90cm Softboxes

  • 2nos. 120cm x 80cm Softboxes with Grids

  • 2nos. 35cm x 165cm Strip Box with Grids

  • Boom Stand

  • Huge 180cm Beauty Dish with Honey Comb

  • Huge 180cm Octabox with Grid

  • Snoot with grid

  • Gel Papers

  • Relaxing Sitting Area

Zamzama Commercial, main road, DHA Ph-V, Karachi Pakistan

Rs.15,000/- per day (at least 5 hours shift)

Rs.3,000/- per hour , for every additional hour after 5hrs.

**Rs.2,000/- for Studio Assistant to help you with Lights and Backdrops

call: 0300-2416014 for more information


Fill in the Reservation Form below. 
Payment details shall be sent to you in email.

Payment shall be made 100% in advance 2 days prior to the shoot.

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