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PHOTOGRAPHERS RETREAT | AstroPhotography Workshop //

have a look at the video from our previous trip to get an idea how fun the event is gonna be

Photography and Traveling, goes hands in hands. The team at TALHA GHOURI PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL plans Professional Photo Excursions to remote localities in the country,ranging from a Photography Trip to MAKLI Ruins to Astro Photography Trip to NAGARPARKAR.

We are planning to go to a 2 days and 1 nights Astrophotography Workshop and a Photographer's Retreat and Excursion trip to Ormara Beach, Balochistan.

There would be a Theory Class, at Talha Ghouri Photography School first. Where we'd learn about Astro Photography, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it. Tips, Tricks and Techniques.

Then we'll go on a Practical Astro Photography Excursion to ORMARA.
The tour starts with from Karachi in the morning, breakfast at WINDER and through Kund Malir Beach with clean clear Arabian Sea making waves at the beach, we head on to ORMARA. We camp at the beach, spend the night shooting the stars and heavens.

The second morning starts with breakfast on the beach and sigh seeing at Buzzi Pass, Princess of Hope, and on the way back, a short stop at Winder for Lunch.

Have a look at the images below to get an idea how amazing the whole experience is.

Dates :
27th November 2021

4th December - 5th December 2021
AstroPhotography Excursion to ORMARA BEACH

Timings :
4th Dec 7:30am -  5th Dec 8:30pm

Fees :
Rs.7,500/- only (Registration Deadline 21st NOVEMBER 2021)

The Fees includes, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, BBQ, Breakfast, Camps(sharing), AstroPhotography Lessons, Traveling.
Rs.8,500/- after deadline.

Registration & Payment :
Fill the Registration Form At The End of This Page,
Your Pass will be Sent at Your Given Address. Cash on Delivery.

Contact :
WhatsApp at 0300-2416014

AstroPhotography Lesson :

Non-TG Students can click here, watch the AstroPhotography Lesson and learn it, for free :)
OR you may attend the Theory Class on Saturday 03rd April 2021 at TALHA GHOURI PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL.




2 Days and 1 Night AstroPhotography Picnic, PHOTOGRAPHER's RETREAT to, ORMARA Beach.

The rocky mountains of Balochistan are amazingly out of this world, a drive through the terrain would be a one in a lifetime experience.

We’ll camp at ORMARA BEACH, overnight, and shoot stars, alongside, 

TALHA GHOURI will be giving a hands-on workshop on ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY

4th December 2021

  • 07:30 AM Gathering at Meetup Point

  • 08:00 AM Departure for Ormara Beach

  • 10:00 AM Breakfast at Winder, (Omlette, Paratha, Chana & Tea)

  • 11:00 AM Departure for Ormara Beach

  • 01:00 PM Stop at Kund Malir Beach View Point

  • 04:00 PM Arrival at Ormara Beach

    • Lunch, (Chicken Biryani, Raita, Cold Drinks)

      • Enjoy Beach Games

      • Enjoy Sunset from Beach

  • 06:30 PM Hi Tea, (Chicken One Bite Samosa, Wong Tong, Tea)

    • Time for Astrophotography


  • 10:00 PM Dinner

    • (Chicken BBQ, Chandan Kabab, Puri Paratha,Cold Drinks, Chatni & Doodh Dulari)

    • Enjoy Movie Night & Bonfire

    • Sleep Time



5th December 2021

  • 5:30am Enjoy Sunrise from Ormara Beach

  • 09:00 AM Breakfast

    • (Halwa Puri & Tea)

  • 1:00pm Visit Princess of Hope

  • 2:00pm Visit Golden Beach

  • 5:00pm Lunch break at Winder

    • (Koila Chicken Karhai, Roti, Salad, ColdDrinks Mineral Water)

  • 8:30pm Arrival back in Karach

*Happy Ending, everyone lived happily ever after*





Frequently Asked Questions

- Everything including meals, A/C Transport, Hotels, Tea, Cold Drinks, Ice Creams and any 'regular' expense on the 
way in included in the Fees, YES!

- You are NOT a Photographer, can you still join?
   oh HELL YES! Anyone can join!

- You are a Photographer, you wanna know which lenses to carry?
   Wider the lens, the better!

- Can I bring along my friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, family, in-laws, neighbours?
   Yes!!! Its an OPEN FOR ALL EVENT! 
   Anyone can join

- Would there be proper bathroom?
  As much as We'll try to facilitate you with comfort, you should understand its an ADVENTURE EXCURSION TRIP  
  We'll have bathrooms arranged at ALL the places.
  BUT, don't be shy to wet the bushes in the desert





Important KeyPoints

- Charge your phone to 100% before you leave your home. Turn OFF the GPRS/GPS/BLUETOOTH and other stuff which consumes battery, there's NO 3G at any of the places, you won't be using you GPRS anyway

- Keep your power banks with you

- Keep one TORCH with you, Full Charged. Apart from that torch, bring an EMERGENCY LIGHT too. Fully Charged

- Install GOOGLE SKY MAP Application on your phone

- Wear Joggers and jeans. Ladies and Gentlemen, BOTH!
NO SHORTS, NO SANDALS, NO KITTOS, NO CROCS. I dont want a bug crawling up your shorty pants on getting inside your SHOE.

- I repeat, JEANS and JOGGERS, for BOTH Ladies and GENTLEMEN

- Bring your medicines, if you take any

- Bring RED and BLACK Tapes. You'll need it, TRUST me, You'll need it. Black and RED!

- STOP using your mobile phone, the very moment you leave your home.
So that we'll have enough battery all the time. You really dont want me to tell you off at night or at anytime, if you mobile battery dies

- Bring iPOD or MP3 players if you wanna listen to music, DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE!

- Bring spare clothes, 1 set, your own facewash

- Ladies, EVERYONE, bring sanitary products. if not you, maybe a friend would need your help.

- Sleeping bags (if you have them, BEHTAREEN, if you don't, its okay, we won't be sleeping anyway)

- Camping Tents, OH YES please. if you have them, please bring them.

- MOSPEL, everyone use their OWN mospel. Do NOT act childlish "Bhai thora sa mospel dena please"


The Trip is NOT FOR YOU if:

- If you are assuming this is a vacation trip/picnic
- If you can't handle rough conditions, heat, sweat, alongside adventure and discovering new things
- If you are a cry baby
- If you find it difficult to play in the team and help the weak links go up, with you.
- We'll try to make this trip as pleasant as possible, please work with us on that :)


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