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Photography and Traveling, goes hands in hands. The team at TALHA GHOURI PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL plans Professional Photo Excursions to remote localities in the country,ranging from a Photography Trip to MAKLI Ruins to Astro Photography Trip to NAGARPARKAR.

We go to a 3 days and 2 nights Astrophotography Excursion trip to Tharparkar. The only fertile desert in the world.
Close to Indian border, the vicinity of Nagarparkar has major population following Hinduism with a number of Jain Temples there. The temples themselves are a visual treat.

The city of Mithi, Capital of Tharparkar district is our host city to sleep over for one night.

Second Day we go sight seeing, the rocky mountains of Nangarparkar are amazingly out of this world,
a drive through the terrain would be a one in a lifetime experience.

Second Night, We camp at the WELL OF MARVI a.k.a Marvi ka Kooo'aan overnight, and shoot the stars/heavens.
Have a look at the images below to get an idea how amazing the whole experience is.

Date : 07th - 08th - 09th Dec 2018

Timings : 4:00pm(07th Dec)  -  6:00pm(9th Dec)

Fees : Rs.8,000/- only //Rs.9,000/- (if paid after 02nd Dec 2018)

Registration :  Click here to Register  // Call 0300-2416014 for more information 

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